Shivalik Group Welcomes You

The Shivalik Group embarked on a quest for excellence from 2007 as a single business operation.Strategic forward and backward integration, combined with prudent financial management, are responsible for the group’s steady growth,taking vital leadership position in different segments of operations.

The Shivalik group is comprised of

  • Shivalik Power & Steel Pvt. Ltd.
    • Power generation through Biomass agriculture waste
    • Semi Mechanized foundry with CNC Machining facilities.
  • Shivalik Engineering Industries Ltd.
    • State of Art the foundry with HPML and CNC Machining facilities
    • Fabrication of engineering structural for various industries
  • Shivalik Auto Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
    • State of the art foundry with DISA HPML established in 2019.
    • Dedicated foundry for Ductile Iron grades.
    • Fully equipped machine shop and inspection facility.
  • Real Estate Bussiness
    • We are committed to building capability and capacity in developing premium and enduring infrastructure projects.We currently develop and manage portfolio of real estate projects in capital city of fastest growing state of India , Chhattisgarh.