Machine Shop

An integrated service of both casting and machining are offered inhouse at  shivalik . We are fully equipped with advanced CNC machines, our machining division is the backbone of our perfection. The detailed knowledge adds value to our customers through an in house machining capability.
We have complete automation  system for material flow , on line inspection and validation of machining parts. Quality of component machined is ensured at every stage of working.
Mistake proofing, POKE YOKA is deployed at various stages to prevent defects from flowing forward in the system.
Special fixtures, Jigs , Various Bore Dial Gauges , Air Plug Guages , Pluge Gauges,surface tester and other required inspection instruments are deployed on line.
All the critical parameters of Process and Product are Monitored and controlled by various Quality Tools SPC, MSA, R&R STUDY, RUN CHART . 

Sr. No.Description of Machine/EquipmentMake /ModelCapacity/SpecificationNo OF Machine
1Vertical Machining CenterMake-BFWTable Size-450x900mm,control system FANUC-OI Mate Std3
Model-BMV45++ TC24Tool holder Taper BT40
2Vertical Machining CenterMake AMSTable Size-435x800mm,control system FANUC-OI Mate Std4
Model-MCV-450Tool holder Taper BT40
3Vertical Turning LatheMake AceMaximum machine diameter Ø500mm,Max. Travel (Z -axis)-700mm,Max.Travel ( X-axis)-265mm6
Model-VTL-30/700control system FANUC Oi TD
4Vertical Turning LatheMake AceMaximum machine diameter Ø550mm,Max. Travel (Z -axis)-750mm,Max.Travel ( X-axis)-280mm3
Model-VTL-40control system FANUC Oi TD
5Vertical Turning LatheMake- HWACHEONTable diameter-457mm,Max.Swing-900mm,Max Turning diameter-800mm,Max.  Turning Height-750mm ,Max. Traverse (X/Z)-430mm, Chuck Size-21 inch,Table Speed(rpm)-30008
6CNC Vertical LatheMake -YUEYANG ZHONGZHUOMaximum machine diameter Ø 600mm10
 Model-CK518-2control system FANUC Oi TD
7Vertical Turning LatheMake TONGTAITable diameter-457mm,Max.Swing-850mm,Max Turning diameter-650mm,Max.  Turning Height-650mm ,Vertical Travel ( Z-axis)-700mm,Horizontal Travel(x-axis)-550+50,Table Speed(rpm)-25-15004
8Vertical Turning LatheMake JYOTIMax. Turning Diameter 200mm2
9Lathe MachineMake-PMI,Batala8 feet,Flame Hardened Bed5
10Lathe MachineMake-HMT10 feet, Hardened Bed3
11Lathe MachineMake-Shankarpura10 feet,Flame Hardened Bed1
12Lathe MachineMake-A.B.L.Machine 10 feet, Hardened Bed1
13Special Purpose MachineMake -Midas10 spindle,335PCD2
14Pillar Type Drill MachineMake-V.P Machine Tool (SURAJ)Size -40mm4
15Pillar Type Drill MachineMake-EIFCOSize -40mm2
16Radial Drilling MachineMake-BATLIBOIBase Plate overall size 1
  Model-BR6152340x980x210 mm
17Bed Type Milling MachineMake-BATLIBOIWorking Table size-1200X700 mm1
  Model-BMU45Spindle nose taper-ISO-40-
18Power Saw M/CMake-BATLIBOIWorking Table size1
19Pressure Leak Testing MachineMake -SSPMFilling Pressure-600MPa to 604 Mpa2
   Test Pressure 560 Mpa to 586 Mpa
20Fully Automatic Dynamic Balancing MachineMake-ABROControl system SEIMENS k808D1
21Coordinate Measuring MachineMake- ACCURATETable size-800x1000X600mm1
  Model- SPECTRA